Meetup: DevOps, building community, DevSecOps and more

Welcome to our hosted meetup!

DevOps is an essential part of modern software development. Join to catch up with some latest best practices and learn some new things!

16:30 Doors open
17:00 Welcome, Juha Heljoranta, Bytecraft
17:05 Sec in DevSecOps, Janne Hyvönen, Nitor
17:45 SOK Development Guidelines, Niko Kivelä, SOK
18:30 Open discussion
19:30 Doors close

Free food and beverages served during the event.

17:05 Sec in DevSecOps, Janne Hyvönen, Nitor

Primer to the DevSecOps process and to Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) as part of a pipeline.

18:50 Open discussion

We reserved plenty of time for open discussion, networking, lightning talks, panel discussion or anything we might come up with. If you have some topic in mind, you are more than welcome to give a talk or suggest it for open discussion!

Sign up to the event here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Niko Kivelä cannot attend and had to cancel his presentation: Development Guidelines. We use the extra time for open discussion and sharing best practices.

Haemme uusia kollegoita ja osakkaita! Tutustu palkkaan ja arvoihimme

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